vendredi 26 avril 2013

About the audit

The Venezuelan opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski, spoke yesterday evening and Wednesday evening on TV. On both occasions Nicolas Maduro, the man entrusted with the power to govern on April 19th, interrupted him by nationally broadcasting a speech. 
Capriles is contesting the results of April 14th presidential elections by presenting evidence of electoral irregularities, violence, and intimidations on polling stations. He said he received important evidence and submitted a synthesis of complaints registered at the “Centro de Denuncia Popular” (Denunciation Popular Center): witness statements, photos and videos. As we can see on the following link:

He took the opportunity to thank all brave citizens who had the courage to shoot and film such irregularities. He also denounced votes casted by deceased individuals whose families sent their death certificates to the "Comando Simon Bolivar" and the Unity Democratic Table (main opposition organizations). 
Capriles declared that his team had collected all this evidence in order to contest the electoral process after the CNE (Electoral National Council) refused to audit it. He remarked he could probably spend the entire evening showing enough evidence to demands an audit from the CNE. He noted he didn’t contest the results he and his team obtained last April 14th. However, he pointed out the results obtained by Nicolas Maduro were a sham. 
Afterwards, Capriles explained what does an audit consist of? He emphasized that counting the ballots and comparing them against the scrutiny certificate is not enough to clear up irregularities within the electoral process. He observed that only one polling tool allowed them to verify the customization of votes: the voting notebook. Indeed, all electors signed and registered their fingerprint on the voting notebook. Without a doubt the voting notebook is the most important constancy of the voting act.
The following link presents Capriles 25th April interview :

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