lundi 24 mars 2014

Fanatics everywhere

A three months pregnant woman was killed in Venezuela by the BNG or the paramilitary forces and revolutionaries fanatics still saying all aloud: "hasta la victoria siempre comandante". I just don't get it!

Yesterday, a guy insult me by Twitter.  He or she, was very upset because the post I wrote about Maria Corina Machado did not mention that longtime ago she shaked hands with George Bush Jr. This was the last Twitter he sent me :

I don't know why Maria Corina Machado did such a thing. Politicians are also human beings and they might be wrong sometimes. But I can say that she was surely searching for support to help Venezelan people as she always does. I certainly dislike this photo of Maria Corina with the ex-president of the United States, because Bush foreign policy was catastrophic, specially in Irak. However, calling her "another moth.. f....." and calling Bush "murdering bast...." is not enough reason to make Hugo Chávez a hero and calling me "pijita or pitiyanki" as well as Chávez used to do when he was alive with every Venezuelan who dare him. Indeed,  it shows how much this guys are totally influenced by an ideological speech.

This morning I learned that some fundamentalist groups are posting photoshop worked images of Maria Corina.

It makes me very sad to see how people in the world still following such a poor revolutionary mouvement and close their eyes to the serious menaces and problems that their ideological speech hides. They should probably are convinced that this feminist model is a thousand times better to show and defend :

Maybe they are convinced that this exemple would be better for society and that those children would have a great future in a paramilitary force. But I prefer to doubt about it. Specially if those groups are trained by fundamentalist terrorist (cf. & for the french version).

I don't have anything against Islam. Indeed, I think is the most logical and advanced of three monotheistic religions. But Venezuelan had never been evolved in to this kind of evil conflicts until Chavez arrived.

On 1939, president Eleazar López Contreras allowed to the Koegnistein to tie up on Venezuelan cost while other countries as the United States or Cuba denied to admit them for diplomatic reasons. Venezuelan bouderies were always open for those who where chased because of political reasons (cf. We are peaceful people and we only demand to other people to respect and to understand that Venezuelan don't want to support any war even if the Comandante did everything to make us take party. One of the reasons why we are today on the streets it's because we disagree with this side of the bolivarian revolution.

Because most of Venezuelan people are naive and are unaware of the whole dimensions of world conflicts, they couldn't realized the dangers of Chávez foreign policy. But now, that they are confronted to the consequences and the presence of this extremists armed forces, they express their annoyance.

Are revolutionary amateurs so much froward to do not accept that?

Maria Corina Machado was the voice of those Venezuelan who where simply silence because they are not free anymore but still they are fighting for their rights. Maria Corina Machado is a warrior like millions of Venezuelan women but she fights using the law, not a weapon.

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